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Todd Shilkin and Jon Doust are creativeurgency.

Ok, so what is creativeurgency?

Obviously it's Jon and Todd.

But what do they do?

They lend themselves to folk in a creative block, or folk who need something creative, very very quickly.

If you want to know more, you can Email Jon.

Or even Todd

Creative Urgency was born in a fertile fusion of two minds: Todd Shilkin and Jon Doust.

The birth occurred because the two minds realised they had much more creativity than they could cope with, deal with, utilise themselves.

They realised that the world was full of minds that struggled, stumbled, sometimes shrank, when faced with the urgency to produce what others could willingly refer to as creative.

The world these days requires "creative solutions", "innovation" and "originality".

Todd and Jon now travel the oblong of their inner minds, sitting at coffee tables, in corporate offices, and on park benches, listening, absorbing, taking notes and spontaneously interjecting with outrageous ideas.

Many are taken up, over and beyond and can be heard on CDs, seen on video or read about, usually without any reference to the two genii behind the creative urgency that spored them.

Such is it so.

Some, once they have seen the light of day, disappear into the ether of either nothingness or somethingness, never to be seen or heard again, or to be seen and heard on a grander scale somewhere, somehow, someplace, never before imagined, for that is one essence of creativity - not always breathtakingly original, but rather newly slanted, angled or juxtaposed.

In short, these boys will work with your creativity, your numbness, your limbo, whatever, let you take the credit, the plaudits, and disappear. For they do this work, not for the ego, yes for the money, and, more importantly, because they must, for it is the only way they can still the maddening, blaring, rush hour of their personal, inner, creative space.


In this photo, Jon Doust, on the far left, and Todd Shilkin, second from right, are helping it, the movie. The lovely person in the middle is Kestie Morassi, she's one of the stars. The other people, Werzel (the big bloke) and Kingsley (the frightened bloke behind Todd) are Perth comedians and actors. They were helping too. They were supposed to make Todd and Jon look good, but they looked better, which means Todd and Jon will never work with them again... or the director... he's the bloke in the middle, below. His name is Darren Ashton. (And, privately, Jon and Todd think he's a genius.)

For more details, as they emerge, view this web page

It may not be pretty, but, please remember, it's only imitation.

Jon and Todd recently lent their skills to ANTA (Australian National Training Authority), along with the Greatest Folk Singer in History, Bernard Carney, to create small humorous segments on a CD of essays along the theme of Advancing Lifelong Learning.

Jon often lends himself to his home town and did so recently when a mob from BridgeFM, Bridgetown's local radion station won an award for streaming Blues Festival music on the net. Brilliant!

Here he is with Kim Perrier, Jackie Gill and Marie Perrier.

And the WAITTA Award: Special Commendation in the Regional Category.

And here's Jon right after the announcement.


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