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Cherry Festival Blog

December 8/9 2007


Cherry Harmony Festival

2007 will feature

The Australasian GlobeVista

Cherry Pip Spitting Championship


the 2007 New Zealand Cherry Pip Spitting Champion from Cromwell, NZ


and heat winners from Manjimup, Mount Barker and Donnybrook WA

and, yes, it's ON

they are keen to win

they have taken it seriously

it's another Trans-Tasman rivalry


A free trip to New Zealand

and the right to represent Australia in the

New Zealand Cherry Stone Spitting Championships

(yes, they call the pips stones, which they are, really.)


Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival

WA Vista - Manjimup


Check this out:

Top Pip Spit Tips:

> stretch your cheeks before you start.

> make sure your lips are supple.

> you need to ensure the musularlity of your tongue. This is easy to achieve by simple tongue exercises

> marshal all of the wind availabe in your body

> ensure the direction of your wind is upwards. You don't want wind rushing out of any other orifices.

> before the wind gets to your mouth you should have alreaady created an aerodynamically perfect structurwe wiuthin you mouth.

> lips should be pursed in order to obtain maximum velocity.

> bring all of the above tips together and spit.

> there are three basic spitting techniques:

1 - the tongue tip flick

2 - the straight through tongue blow

3 - the pip between the lips blow

2005 is all over

special singing guest: Daryl Braithwaite

the festival featured:

The Australian Cherry Pip Spitting Championships

Chris Rishworth: World Record Holder (we think)

Chis Pip Spat: 14 metres at Young Cherry Festival 2005.

(Ok, yes, we have heard about that bloke in America who reckons he spat 17 metres, but we don't believe an official from the World Governing Body - Cherry Pip Spitters International Measuring Authority - was in attendance.)

Anyway, we flew Chris, the Young NSW champ, over to Manjimup and he took out the final with a spit of 11 metres.

Jamie Nicolaou, the Manjimup champ, spat 12 meters in a heat but couldn't get enough wind up for the final. And his great footy rival, the Pemberton coach Paul Omodei Jnr pipped him in the final and will fly to Young NSW for the Australian Championships.

The Pollie Spit Off was won by Fremantle Mayor Peter Tagliaferri, who beat Paul Omodei (leader of the Opposition in the WA Parliament), Mark McGowan (Minister for the Environment) and a collection of local pollies including Nigel Hallett, Shire President Wade De Campo and some bloke who talked too much.

An estimated 2500 people formed a crowd and watched the Big Blokes Spit.

They stood well back for health and safety reasons and the SES stood ready with giant tarpaulins to collect stray saliva.

For live spitting, check these out:

GWN News1

GWN News2

(Many thanks to the Golden West Network, Bunbury, West Australia, for the news-footage.)

Chris Rishworth

Singers of Renown (well, not really), at the Long Table Lunch in the Newton Brothers' shed.

Western Tourist Radio: a great website to plan your West Australian holiday

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